Research Principles for Working with First Nations

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Meghan Wrathall


In this webinar, you will become acquainted with OCAP® and their online training course Fundamentals of OCAP®. The First Nations principles of OCAP® are a set of standards that establish how First Nations data should be collected, protected, used, or shared. They are the de facto standard for how to conduct research with First Nations. Standing for ownership, control, access and possession, OCAP® asserts that First Nations have control over data collection processes in their communities, and that they own and control how this information can be used. Effective governance and policy-making is based upon sound, quality data. Rather than First Nations people being perpetual subjects of other’s research, policies like OCAP, which encourage First Nations participation in and ownership of data, contribute to effect policy making by leaders as well as ensuring research that actually meets the needs of communities themselves.


First Nations Information Governance Centre (FNIG), is a First Nations organization well-known for conducting and storing the information from our on-reserve Regional Health Surveys across Canada. We have also developed the OCAP® Principles which also help First Nations implement. Our mission is to strengthen First Nations’ data sovereignty and the development of governance and information management systems at the community level. We adhere to free, prior and informed consent, respect nation-to-nation relationships, and recognize the distinct customs of nations, to achieve transformative change.

Tuesday May 29, 2018 @ 1:00pm CSTFNIGC_Logo.png

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