Research Services

Fri, 07/28/2017 - 12:17

Description: The RDI team includes Masters level researchers with expertise in diverse subject matter. Stemming from a recognized need to grow the research capacity of the region, the RDI offers advisory services to organizations that are planning to engage in economic, social, cultural or environmental research. We may be able to advise on:

  • Research objectives,
  • Project design/methodology,
  • Data sources,
  • Funding sources, or
  • Links to related research underway in the region.

Following your submission of a support request form (which includes details on your research project), an RDI researcher will review your submission and contact you to follow up.

Eligible organizations: Non-profit organizations, community initiatives, governments

Timeframe: Intake of research advisory service requests is ongoing. No application deadlines apply, though the extent of support the RDI is able to offer may be limited by staff schedules. The RDI will endeavour to contact you within 2 weeks of receiving your request and will work with the timeline of your project to help you plan your research.

Fees: The RDI’s research advisory services are offered to eligible organizations at no charge.

Other important information: Please note that the scope of these services is limited to advice on planning or undertaking a research project. The RDI does not perform research for individual organizations, governments or businesses. To make a request for support, please contact us.