Signature Programs

Fri, 07/28/2017 - 12:11

State of the Basin

The State of the Basin is an indicator monitoring initiative that reports on trends in economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being across the Columbia Basin-Boundary region. Originally a project of Columbia Basin Trust, the State of the Basin has been an RDI program since 2012.

Regional Innovation Chair in Rural Economic Development

The work of the RIC is based on regional priorities and partnerships with local and regional organizations and businesses. By supporting evidence-based planning and decision-making, the RIC aims to improve the economic climate of regional rural communities.

Kootenay Workforce Development

The Columbia Basin Trust has funded Selkirk College to implement pilot projects that work with employers in the region to implement the goals and priorities of the Regional Skills Training Plan (RSTP).  A project steering committee directs and oversees implementation of an action plan.  The steering committee meets on a quarterly basis or as needed (face-to-face or tele-conference) to track implementation of the action plan and to determine new workforce development and training opportunities and priorities.