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Projects - Archive

Fri, 02/16/2018 - 13:19

Applied Research

The fundamental goal of the Rural Development Institute at Selkirk College is to provide accurate and relevant tools and information to help foster a greater understanding of our collective vitality in the Columbia Basin Boundary region. At the centre of that mission stands a commitment to investigate, evaluate and learn through methods of applied research.

What is applied research? Simply put, applied research involves the application of innovative solutions to address practical problems and real-world needs. In the case of the RDI, applied research often involves the piloting of best practices approaches to address rural development needs and opportunities specific to our region. Applied research priorities are identified through RDI advisory groups and on-going consultation with economic, social, cultural and environmental stakeholders through the region. 

Food Systems

Non-Profit Social Sector

State of the Environment

Adopting Digital Technologies

Business Retention & Expansion

Economic Development

Poverty Reduction

Kootenay Workforce Development

Asset-Based Rural Development