The Rural Development Institute (RDI)

The Rural Development Institute (RDI)

The Rural Development Institute (RDI), at Selkirk College, is a regional research centre with a mandate to support decision-making by Columbia Basin-Boundary communities through the provision of information, applied research and outreach and extension support. The RDI was initially funded by Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) through an 8-year partnership agreement which began in 2011. The RDI is now supported by a variety of funding sources including but not limited to CBT, the BC Real Estate Foundation, the National Research Council, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Selkirk College continues to support the operation of the Institute through its infrastructure and specific capabilities, including the Regional Innovation Chair in Rural Economic Development (RIC) who directs the RDI's research agenda.

The RDI supports:

  • supports the collection and use of economic, social, cultural and environmental indicator research;

  • provides ongoing analysis of indicator trends and connects related research to plans and planning processes;

  • supports the efforts of economic, environmental, social and cultural groups through the provision of relevant and timely research and best practice tools and processes;

  • engages in applied rural revitalization research in partnership with regional, provincial and national networks;

  • assists in regional economic diversification through the promotion of innovation and knowledge transfer;

  • supports informed decision-making through ongoing research based on regional priorities; and

  • builds capacity through collaborative working partnerships with existing organisations, networks and experts.


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