Trends Analysis: Demographics (2016)

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 14:13

It is estimated that 4,683,139 people live in British Columbia (BC), of which 3.5% or 162,900 people live in the Columbia Basin-Boundary region.Demographic data, such as population estimates, can not only provide information about the people in a place, but can help inform planning and decision-making. Demographic indicators covered in this trends analysis include:

  • Population: Change, Age, Gender & Projections;
  • Family Characteristics;
  • Ethnic Origin;
  • Language;
  • Migration; and
  • Standardized Mortality Ratio

Each indicator is presented in detail below, including a description of what is measured and its importance, as well as current data and trends where available. This is followed by an overarching summary.



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