Community Data Program

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 10:19

The Rural Development Institute has purchased access to the Community Data Program (CDP), a database with over $1 million of credible data sets and information. The CDP is a national network of ‘consortia’ or groups of members. The RDI purchased a 5-year Consortium membership for the Columbia-Basin Boundary region to advance its State of the Basin initiative and to provide our communities with access to the CDP database. The RDI serves as the Consortium Lead Organization and for a fee of $125 organizations can become a member of the Columbia Basin-Boundary CDP consortium. CDP provides unlimited access to data sets from Statistics Canada (e.g., Labour Force Survey, Agricultural Census), Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Industry Canada, and more. Topics covered include demographics, identity, housing, crime, education, workforce, and more. Scale of the information is one of the key benefits of CDP. You can access data sets at different scales, from census divisions to specific postal codes and custom geographies. Best of all, CDP offers training and on demand support for consortium members. For more information please see the CDP Primer.

Register for a membership through Selkirk College.