Canal Flats

Canal Flats

Tue, 06/20/2017 - 09:09

Located in the Columbia Valley on Highway 95 at the southern end of the Columbia Lake, Canal Flats is half way between Cranbrook to its south and Invermere to its north. Canal Flats population is 715 (though the total population of the Columbia Valley (including Canal Flats, Invermere, Radium Hot Springs, and Regional District of East Kootenay Areas F and G) totals 8,490. Newly incorporated June 29, 2004, the primary industry of this village is timber. The remains of the canal completed in 1889 (connected the Columbia Lake to the Kootenay River) can be seen near Canal Flats Provincial Park (hence the name “Canal Flat” given to the Post Office in 1913).Mistaken highway signage is one speculation on how Canal Flat became Canal Flats. Recreationally, locals and tourists alike enjoy activities in Tilley Memorial Park (named in the memory John and Ann Tilley) which boasts a scenic sandy beach and picnic area. Other lifestyle activities include bird watching, camping, golfing, fishing, atv’ing, mountain biking and climbing. The Canal Flats Arena completed an extensive renovation in 2013.

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